July 20, 2011

An iPhone App Made for You to Never Forget!

Collaboration, with getting things done, is an awesome combination. A colleague-turned-collaborator Steve Dale and I designed an iPhone app for people who use 37signals’ organizational tool Backpack. After thirteen months of work, Never Forget! is now on sale in the App Store.

Creating an iOS app, from interface and interaction design to working with a highly talented and diligent developer Andrew Little of T4G, is a creative dream come true. Find out how you can Never Forget!

• • •

We’ve been writing here and there about what we learned and relearned along the way. Read our blog.

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Big thanks: To 37signals for tweeting about Never Forget! and for customers, who happened to like the app and offered their praise:

“Really enjoying Never Forget! The design is spot on and well-integrated with Backpack Reminders.”
—Zachary Christoff, GIS Developer, 37signals groupie, Minneapolis

“I use Backpack a lot. So I downloaded Never Forget! I’m very impressed. The app looks really good and is super intuitive. Great work!”
—Ryan Evans, Founder of Rand Media Group and Bitesize PR, Chicago

“Never Forget! is an easy-to-use app that does exactly what it’s supposed to do. I love it.”
—Andrew Wicklander, Founder of Ideal Project Group, Chicago

“Super stable and easy to use. Just what you want from a serious app.”
—Richard Allen, Systems Development Manager, UK

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Update, July 29, 2011: Never Forget! was made available in the Google Android Market.

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Update, January 30, 2013: Due to 37signals’ retirement of Backpack, Never Forget! is no longer supported.