April 20, 2011

Design Feast Fritter Subscription Newsletter and Blogging Course Change

I’m excited to announce a new writing trek called Design Feast Fritter. My posts have evolved from snippets into ones of moderate length. My Tweets (of course) remain under 140 characters. This newsletter will offer content that’s both bite-sized and nutritious. It will also be my primary writing focus.

This doesn’t mean that the Design Feaster Blog will be abandoned. It will continue to be the place for these ongoing series which I cherish, every one:
Each edition of this newsletter will highlight a topic related to art, design, technology, work—the creative culture-at-large. Rants included. At the end, you’ll find “Take Out”, a short piece to wrap up each issue.

The diversity of the newsletter reflects the all-encompassing nature of Design Feast. Subscribe to receive regular issues per month of Design Feast Fritter.

• • •

Big thanks to Sam Lessin for inventing letter.ly for everyone to publish email subscription newsletters and charge for them.

• • •

Design Feast Fritter is separate from the Design Feast Serving newsletter, which will remain free and continued to be delivered. Subscribe to receive Design Feast Serving at Design Feast.

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Update, January 7, 2013: Due to an announcement, on January 3, 2013, by the letter.ly team that newsletters will no longer be sent, Design Feast Fritter is no longer supported (for now).