July 9, 2010

Highlights of Recent Design Feast Tweets: Forward (not Back) to Basics

After joining Twitter in April 2009, I wish I had done so earlier. Great people sharing must-know finds—creative voices and projects—is exponential. Lots happening in, what I’ve been calling, the ‘family of design disciplines’ from architecture and graphic design to industrial design and design activism.

Having discovered them in Fast Company magazine, Think Brilliant Media Studios’ article “You Don’t Need a Big Idea, You Need a Great Team” is an upfront read. The tried-and-forever-true factors of hard work, time and people are what must be given priority to help sharpen the focus on what matters.

The team that Think Brilliant Media Studios encourages is not a group of people who “design by committee”. In the opening of the eighth annual “All Things Digital” (AllThingsD) conference, Apple Co-Founder and CEO Steve Jobs was asked how his company works. In posing the question about how many committees were are at Apple, Steve Jobs answered, “Zero.”

Think Brilliant and Apple pursue the basics. Without the basics, graphic design studio Build doesn’t succeed. They don’t take the basics—like paying close attention and having a list of to-dos to cross out, one to-do at a time—for granted.

2010 Winter Olympic Gold Medalist Figure Skater Evan Lysacek didn’t reveal a secret of his success. His success was achieved by executing the basics of his craft.

The basics defy mastery. They must be re-earned every time.

• • •

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