March 9, 2010

“Crush It!”: Audio Review of Gary Vaynerchuk’s Book about Passion and Personal Branding

Gary Vaynerchuk’s book Crush It! was part of Design Feaster’s Highlights of 2009. Vaynerchuk and his book are both regular topics of conversation with my co-worker Joe, who makes electronic music on the side. We’re bona fide “Vayniacs,” making regular visits to his Wine Library TV and vlog on personal branding. I pitched to Joe an audio review—my first attempt at creating audio content. I’m more used to the written word and saw this as a way to engage in a new medium. It also happened to be Joe’s first attempt at doing something like this with audio. So we had fun making it, and hope you enjoy it too:

Total time: 29:59

The setup for making the audio review was basic: Sony stereo condenser microphone and Ableton Live software.

It took place at a music rehearsal facility where Joe rents half the room. Joe’s side is filled with his analog synthesizers:

Big thanks to Joe for his enthusiasm in doing the review and lending his awesome audio tools and space. When we get around to it, we hope to tackle an audio interview of 37signals’ new business book REWORK, a published counterpart, like a wine-to-wine pairing, with Gary’s book.