December 20, 2009

Designer’s Quest(ionnaire)s: Designer Sophie Henson and Design Researcher Brianna Sylver

The Designer’s Quest(ionnaire) is a Design Feast initiative that describes and captures a designer’s perspective in a succinct format:

Per my regular online regiment, I explore Dave Cuzner’s blog Grain Edit, especially the comments, where I discovered London-based illustrator and designer Sophie Henson. Her work—whether it’s Editorial or Animation, including Apparel—is a rich contrast of shapes and lines. There’s lots of fun in Sophie’s visual language (see her Twitter background) and in her thoughts about making a message both communicative and appealing.

I met Brianna Sylver at the Illinois Institute of Technology’s Institute of Design, originally founded as the New Bauhaus. She is the founder and owner of Sylver Consulting, an international firm passionate about design ethnography. Her systematic approach incorporates custom research and workshops. Brianna’s data-intensive way of working speaks not only to a rigorous sensibility but also to a curiosity about people and their relationship to products and services.

Read insightful takes by Sophie and Brianna on design and designing.

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