November 21, 2009

Large View, Large City: Tezuka Architects’ Big Window House

In connection with a previous posting about Architect Andre Berman’s design of a private writing studio and library, I discovered this building, called the Big Window House, which also features access to a panoramic view:

Designed by Takaharu and Yui Tezuka of Tezuka Architects, the building is evidence of the team’s credo to strive for emotional and physical comfort in the architectural experience. According to Takaharu, “What we’re expounding is very simple: To be in a space where people can feel the breeze, the sunlight, the changing of the seasons, where they can forge and nourish relationships with one another. That shouldn’t be so complicated, should it?”

In contrast to the view of an open field and wilderness from within Berman’s writing studio, the Big Window House opens to a park and an urban composition. I recall mentioning to a friend that I mostly saw a parking lot through the window of where I used to live. To which he replied, “At least you have a view.” He was absolutely correct. Having a view is precious. Better than opacity.

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