August 30, 2009

Growing Design Webliography now has Search

The headline may sound lackluster, but it took awhile for Design Feast to be equipped with a way to search its content. I simply didn’t know how to do this myself when starting the site in 1999. Likewise, content was thin back then, as I began the curation of noteworthy, web-based content related to design.

Design Feast currently showcases 1,503 sites, further supplemented with original content like the Designer’s Quest(ionnaire)—making a search capability sorely needed. As a friend related in a past email:
You need a search function on Design Feast ;-)
I’m glad to finally say that the newly added (top bar) search makes it possible not only to comb through Design Feast, but also to visit affiliated sites.

My web-developer buddy Minna Kim Mazza, who co-built the Design Engage job board site, also built this new search capability. I’m really satisfied with the way it turned out and hope you will be, too. The plan is to carry it over to the Design Feast’s upcoming redesign. As Design Feast’s content grows, I’ve been thinking how to improve the site’s interface and interaction. So a redesign is currently in progress behind the scenes, with the goal of launching a refreshed version within the next few months. More about this in upcoming posts. Speaking of redesign, there’s been a lot of that going around lately: from Design Observer’s site to National Public Radio’s site to the site of the LA Times.

Thanks to everyone who visits Design Feast! Rest assured that future Design Feast visits will continue to reward visitors with a growing collection of diverse design content, creative voices and projects, as well as improving features and functions.