March 2, 2009

From Scandals to Stimulus: Visualizing Finance

Reflecting a clear signs of the times, news headlines are infused with a financial language that ranges from scandals to stimulus. Here are a few visuals aimed at demystifying the loaded, complex terms currently playing a big role in the economy:

Karen Yourish (reporting) and Laura Stanton (graphic) of The Washington Post visually tackle the composition of the stimulus package.

Katherine Dillon and Kate Thompson of the media design firm Dillon Thompson created a step-by-step walkthrough of a Ponzi scheme.

Dillon Thompson also illustrated the meaning of a Pyramid scheme.

Jonathan Jarvis, Masters of Fine Arts Candidate in the Media Design Program at the Art Center College of Design, created a series of animated shorts to help visualize the Crisis of Credit.

J. Jason Smith, of the blog Graphicology, comments on the presentations given by GM and Chrysler about their survival plans.

For additional sources that tackle the complicated nature of the economy, the New York Times has their Economix blog. There’s Planet Money by National Public Radio, and the program Frontline produced Inside the Meltdown with timeline.

There seems to be no fatigue in sight when it comes to envisioning information about the state of the economy. As Credit of Crisis creator Jonathan Jarvis put it: “The goal is to give form to the complex financial crisis to enhance the understanding of it.”