January 10, 2009

Posters Designed to the Charge of Change

While perusing poster designs in the Artists for Obama gallery, which formed last summer, I recalled this poster design by type designer Jonathan Hoefler, who was commissioned by the Obama campaign to make a contribution:

Another statement of change was this brilliant poster design, set in the Gotham typeface, and also with gradient, by Shawn Hazen for the Manifest Change competition, sponsored by MoveOn.org and Obey Giant. It was one of only five posters from 1,200 entries and was exhibited in for the Democratic National Convention held in Denver. It was later auctioned off to benefit Obama’s campaign:

Hazen’s poster was one of two pieces. The second was a similar typographic installation. Both pieces make for a grand, simply designed, statement about the domestic political mood. A unit of change, unified that is.