December 31, 2008

Creative and Tactical Optimism in a Sour Economy

I recently visited the site of the AIGA, the professional association for design, and found a feature article by its Executive Director Richard GrefĂ© on How Is AIGA Helping Designers Survive the Recession. Having reviewed a few other professional design organization sites recently, this is notably the only address that I’ve spotted on the site homepage. This piece compelled me to seek other writing that pairs design and the current state of the economy. Here’s what I uncovered:
Among all the encouragement to improve skills, embrace constraints, and adopt goal-setting during these economically sour times, I especially like Andy Rutlege’s advice to “adopt uncompromising professionalism.” This tenet of honesty and practicing it toward oneself, clients and projects has always been a mainstay of working. It is the best policy in good times and even more crucial in the bad. Rutledge further advises, “Fortune favors the lucky. Luck = preparation + opportunity. Opportunity will likely come knocking. Are you prepared?” Being honest means being ever-prepared for whatever comes your way.